Cash Advance

A simple and easy way to tap into new funds.



Access to working capital has become a real challenge for many small and medium sized businesses as traditional commercial lending sources have reduced borrowing. Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative source of funds for your business, giving you a fast, easy way to increase your cash flow. Our  business cash advance system offers you a lump sum payment based on future card sales. A fixed, specified percentage of those sales automatically go towards repaying the cash advance during your daily card processing settlements with us. We provide you with the capital, you decide how to put it to work.


Merchant Cash Advance is ideal for small to mid-size businesses as an alternative

source of additional cash flow. Uses could include:

  • Renovation

  • Expansion

  • Inventory/stock

  • Equipment upgrade

  • Website development


  • No need to switch processors if you are an existing customer

  • Quick and easy application process 

  • Minimal documentation required

  • No fixed payment amount - we take a proportion of your daily MasterCard® and Visa® takings so quiet trading periods are automatically reflected in your repayments

  • Receive your funds in as little as five days, from receipt of your documentation

  • Opportunity to renew your cash advance agreement to further grow your business



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