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Clover Station

Large and versatile display - The 14" high-definition display provides plenty of room to work making tasks like inventory and employee management fast and easy.

Customer engagement made easy - Build a powerful customer database with every transaction.  Customer profiles let you create custom orders, receive direct feedback, and reward your best customers.

Multi-layered protection - Clover Station features fingerprint login for enhanced employee security and end-to-end encryption of every transaction to help protect merchant and customer data.

Get custom orders right - Create custom orders quickly with inventory modifiers. Adjust a menu item, add or remove optional ingredients, and automatically update the price of the final order.

Speed and reliability - Clover Station features a faster CPU and more RAM to ensure quick transactions and plenty of processing power for multitasking software and tools to run your business.


Clover Flex

Accept payments everywhere - Swipe, dip, and tap. Ultraportable Clover Flex lets you accept payments at the counter, in the aisle, or anywhere else.

All-in-one system - A single, compact device is all you need to ring people up and take payments. The Clover Flex even prints receipts.

Get deposits fast and easy - Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account as fast as the next business day.

Track your business - Monitor your sales, refunds, and bestselling items from any computer or mobile device.


Clover Mini

Accept all payment types - Swipe, dip, and tap.  Clover Mini lets you accept every way your
customers want to pay.

Take on-screen signatures - On-screen signatures are convenient for your customers,
keep the line moving, and protect you from unnecessary chargebacks.


Get deposits fast and easy - Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account as
fast as the next business day.

Track your business - Monitor your sales, refunds, and best-selling items from any
computer or mobile device.


Clover Go

Connect Wirelessly - The Clover Go pairs with your mobile device through a Bluetooth® connection making it fully compatible with the new iPhone X.

End to End Security - Built-in Clover Security helps protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud.

Tips & Taxes - Set custom percentage amounts for tips and create multiple tax rates for the things you sell.

Paperless Receipts - Customers want it their way, right down to the receipt. With Clover Go, it’s simple to email or text receipts to patrons to keep them happy.

It’s Your Business - Only certain employees need to see what’s under the hood. Clover Go lets you easily create and manage employee permissions.

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