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Virtual Gateway

"Virtually" accept credit cards anywhere


Use Virtual Terminal wherever you have Internet access—at your office, at a trade show, even at the airport. To process a credit card, log in to the Payeezy/GGe4 site and enter the payment details into the secure Virtual Terminal and process the payment. Then you can email the cardholder a receipt and a confirmation will be sent to you at the end of the day with all your credit card transactions. We are also a reseller for Authorize.Net® and USAePay® if these gateways are a prefered option. 

Avoid equipment costs


The Virtual Terminal is an affordable alternative to card swipe machines, letting you process credit cards quickly and securely online. We also offer a card swiper that plugs directly into your computer’s USB port and automatically adds the payment info to the Virtual Terminal credit card fields.

A secure site means cardholder data is never stored on your PC or laptop.

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