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The Clover App Market provides your shop with tools to help you run your business better.  We have hundreds of apps to choose from and we're adding new apps every month, so make sure you keep checking back!  Also, please let us know if you have a suggestion for an app and we'll get it over to our developers.

In the mean time, take a look at some of our more popular apps:

Employee Management

Employee Mangement
Time Clock.png


Free time clock & Free employee scheduling! Homebase is the only tool you need to manage your team.

CLover Time Clock.png

Time Clock

Restaurant Focused Timeclock App. Manage employee shifts, communication, timesheets, payroll and more with our Restaurant Employee Management App.  

HR Resources.png

hr resources

Access tools and documents to spend less time on labor management

Employee Reminder.png

employee reminder

Tired of asking your employees to do the same thing multiple times? Now, you don't have to!



Homebase Hiring helps you get more candidates in less time, and it is 100% FREE. Homebase is used by over 100,000 businesses.




Rovely is an easy solution to the problem of how to grow your online community. The problem – growing the audience for your social marketing messages. The solution – Rovely.



Hopr for Clover lets you manage all your business social media from your Clover terminal, respond to customers and interact with nearby businesses.



The best way to reach people when they’re near your business, whether that means walking distance or a few miles. This is a new advertisement capability recently released by Facebook.

Be Social.png


Take a stand to promote your business through social media the best way possible. Add BeSocial to your marketing arsenal to automatically share with your customers your messages and promotions, discover your social media ranking and monitor your reputation online.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management


The Stock app enables you to track product quantity and purchase orders. It shows you the available quantity, expiration date, and sales history for each product.

Inventory Audit.png

clover tables

Use your mobile device to audit your business's inventory! Easily scan items and update their inventory counts from any mobile device! Search by name, SKU or product code, scan a barcode or browse by category.



Stop making a million phone calls to your vendors, and start placing order through Clover!



Pointy brings new customers to you by displaying your products online. By integrating with Clover, Pointy creates an online page of your shop’s products. Customers can find your store by searching for products you sell using both regular search engines (e.g. Google, Bing) and the Pointy local products app.



The Returns application allows you to easily return items to inventory when processing a refund or an exchange. Simply select which items to return and they will be added back in to your inventory counts.


360 Marketing.png

360 marketing

Imagine every customer that walks in to your store and connects to your Wi-fi is turned into your regular guest. That is what 360 WiFi does for your business. We help you grow your business, increase average ticket size, bring new customers and build a relationship with existing ones.



GiftFly is the fastest, most convenient gift card solution for your business! Simple to add and easy to use, GiftFly lets your customers buy and send your digital gift cards to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime – Instantly. No need to order expensive plastic gift cards or packaging, create free gift cards and sell them online 24 hours a day or on the Clover Terminal.



TAPLocal Automated Marketing has simplified the way you engage your customers. No more paper coupons, losing one or two visit customers or relying on employees to gather personal information.

Opt In Rewrds.png


Increase your sales with new and repeat customers. Our self-service, advanced marketing technology app allows merchants to quickly build a customer database and then market to it via internet websites, email, and direct mail venues.



Commerce Sync.png

commercy sync

It’s time to get your business automated and Commerce Sync can help get you there in a snap. Commerce Sync will keep your sales information updated each day.



Schedule in Minutes Review & Correct Time Punches, Real-time, from the Schedule Compare Projections and Actuals, with Real-time Sales Data, Right from the Schedule!



With the best payroll for small business – plus workers’ comp, benefits, 401(k), and HR tools – Gusto makes it easy for you to pay your employees and take care of your team.

Understanding Your Business

Understanding Your Business


Nutshell gives you a simple yet powerful way to manage your business internally or on the road. We work closely with businesses owners to identify key performance metrics which enable you to maximize profit.

Ping Me If.png

ping me if

Ping Me If enables you to receive email or text * alerts when specific events happen in your store.



#1 Analytics app. Over 30,000 businesses depend on it to make informed decisions. $6 Billion across 250 Million sales transactions analyzed. Automatically collects data from your customer interactions and sends you Business Insights every week.

Email Report.png

daily email report

Finally a user-friendly daily digest of your sales numbers! With the Daily Email Report app you simply set a list of recipients and they will receive a daily email complete with sales, tender, category, item and modifier group statistics!

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